Summer’s Closing

It’s that time of the year again!

Summer is winding down which means that the NACC is gearing up to release our 2021 Community & Business Resource Guide.  There are a few things we need from our Members to make sure that everything we print is up to date and accurate.  Here is what we would love for you to look for:

  • Is your address correct?  Over the last several months the NACC has switched over to a new CMS system.  In full disclosure – not everything came over from our old system correctly.  Many addresses are incorrect that never were before.  We are working on the back end to fix these mistakes as quickly as possible, but we would love your help as well!
  • Is your main contact phone number correct?  Think about what phone number you would like your potential customers and clients to call.
  • Is your main contact person correct?  Make sure that the person you have listed as your primary contact is still with your organization and the person that you would like to be the primary reach out.
  • Is your billing contact and email address correct?  We have recently transitioned to paperless invoices which means they are now going to your inbox instead of your mailbox.  Please make sure that we have the correct person listed as your billing contact and the correct email address to reach them.
  • Is your logo uploaded to your profile?  With the release of our new membership packages on July 1st, every membership level can now include their logo in our online directory.  Make sure to pop your logo in your Member Info Hub as well.
  • Are the individuals listed in your profile still with the company?  While you are checking everything make sure that everyone listed in your profile is still with your company and delete if they are no longer there.  Also, be sure to add anyone that you would like to get chamber communications.

To access your Member Info Hub you can go to our website ( and click on the Member Info Hub tab at the very top.  If you have never logged in before it will walk you through creating a new account.  Or, you can click here to login directly.  If you have any issues logging in or changing your information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at or you can schedule some time on my calendar here.  I love meeting with our Members!

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