Taking the Lead

Is there such a thing as ‘too much’ of a good thing? When it comes to leads and referrals, the answer is an irrefutable ‘no’!

For some Members, lead-sharing and referrals are the top reasons to join the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce.  Sharing leads not only promotes connectivity and goodwill amongst Chamber Members but also generates revenue and brand awareness for your business. Where it pertains to leads; sharing is caring! This month let’s take some time to highlight how the NACC promotes a culture of lead-sharing and the various referral options available to you, our valuable Members!

The first aspect of lead-sharing within the NACC is putting our “Proud Member of the NACC” logo to use. When linked to our website, the NACC logo makes your business more searchable online and draws consumers to your business in a credible way. Reach out (sarah@naperville.net) for more details on how to add our logo and link to your website.  

Another lead-sharing Chamber platform is TEAMs. An acronym that stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More,” TEAMs are a premier way to share leads and referrals with fellow Chamber Members.  The purpose of a TEAM is to generate leads, network, and form personal and business relationships.  When you are on a TEAM, you do not just get to know your TEAMmates, but you get to know their contacts as well. By allowing only one business category per TEAM, and requiring regular attendance,  TEAMs are essentially business connection multipliers. There is an additional charge for TEAMs, and further information may be obtained by speaking with our Marketing & Engagement Manager, Michelle Damato.

Additionally, anyone you do business with makes a great Chamber Member so please refer the businesses you frequent to invest in the NACC, too. We strive to represent our business community and proudly include businesses of all industries. Warm introductions may be made by emailing Amy Leclair, Business Development Manager. As a thank you for referring new Members, we will issue a $100 ad credit through June 30, 2023.

The NACC is helping you to ‘take the lead’ to move your Business Forward!

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