Thomas Herman

CRO Executive RoundTable

Managing Director – Chicago

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With a strong passion for all things ‘Revenue’ related, Thomas Herman’s expertise with strategies for revenue generation, effective process and procedure, and skillful execution is the result of over 40 years in direct sales, sales management, executive management, operations management, and business ownership.

Having worked and consulted with start-ups, franchises, emerging and mid-size organizations, and Fortune 500, Thomas Herman has done business in over 20 countries on 5 continents. Opened offices across North America and Europe, hired and trained sales and service staffs, created and led client advisory boards and client retention programs, developed, managed and emcee’d client conferences, and spoken at events from local to worldwide audiences.

Thomas is a ‘Truth Teller’ focused on the real world of revenue generation providing street-savvy knowledge to his audience.

Speaking Topics:
  • Why Should I Buy? Understand how to stand out in a crowded market – Know how to establish the unique difference you possess – Positioning with key decision-makers
  • Effective Prospecting: Know what matters to prospect – Difference between prospecting and networking – Manage the timeline of the revenue process
  • Customer Relationships and Retention: Effective communication – Customer satisfaction cycles – Testing customer retention
  • A ‘Bankable’ Revenue Forecast: Key components of a forecast – Who and what can you trust – Qualifying and validating opportunities
  • Right People, Right Role: Employee selection processes – Responsibility and accountability – Motivations and Incentives

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