3 Ways to Make Your Voice Heard in June

The month of June offers an opportunity to really engage legislators locally as well as make an impact by using your voice. I’m asking Members this month to do 3 important things below:

Your Presence Matters!

Join us at the End of Session Re-Cap where you can learn from our local state legislators what bills were passed this session that will most impact our business community.

A full house of Chamber Members for this program would send a clear message to our elected officials that the business community has a keen interest in their voting in Springfield.  Q & A will follow the discussion.

June 9th

3:30 – 5:00 pm

NACC Office | Calamos Conference Room

Find out more about the legislators attending below. 

Small Businesses…We Need Your Story!

As I have discussed in previous articles, the NACC actively advocated for the minimum wage tax credit offered to businesses and not-for-profits with 50 or fewer full-time equivalent employees to remain at the 25% level for the next four years. This tax credit was initially established to offset the incremental increases in the minimum wage which was passed in 2019.  In the original bill, a tax credit was set at 25% in 2020, decreased to 21% in 2021 then incrementally tapering to 5% by 2025. The bill extending the minimum wage tax credit at the 25% level for the next four years did not pass this session. However, in a recent conversation with a Chamber Member, I learn that this 25% tax credit served as a financial lifeline that literally allowed their area restaurant to financially survive the pandemic.

We need to have more stories like this to share as powerful advocacy tools when we speak with our elected officials and ask them to keep this credit at the 25% level. Please reach out to tell your story regarding the minimum wage tax credit impacting your bottom line.

Vote!  The Primary Election is June 28th

We have discussed at length the value of being actively engaged in the election progress to ensure that our elected officials pass legislation that will support a strong business climate in our area.  A primary election allows for political parties to select and rally around one candidate as they head into general elections (November). When you vote in a primary, you will be asked to identify the party in which to select candidates. While the NACC does not endorse candidates for the primary election, we encourage you to research candidates and vote in the upcoming primary. Below are useful links to review the slate of candidates in your area for DuPage, Kane, and Will County races.  Early voting and mail-in ballots are available now.

DuPage County

Kane County

Will County

As always, if you want more information about our advocacy efforts or have a policy in play that impacts your business or industry, please reach out to me.

Reba Osborne

Director of Government Affairs

(630)544-3387 or rosborne@naperville.net

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