Finding Your Space to Contribute in the NACC

When I talk with potential members about joining the chamber, one of the most frequent reservations that small business owners have is that they’re nervous about breaking into the space, introducing themselves and advocating for their business in a networking environment. When I talk with seasoned members who have found success in their chamber membership, they acknowledge that finding success means playing the “long game” and nurturing the relationships that you create, building trust and being top of mind when one of your peers is giving a referral. In summary, being a member of the Chamber means adopting genuine curiosity.

At the NACC, our goal is to create an environment that allows new relationships to thrive. Consistent touch points and professional development opportunities makes networking accessible for everyone. Between Business Power Hour and Business After Hours, we’ve created two different situations, included in every membership, that gives you the opportunity to lean into what makes you most comfortable. Better at interacting in a laid-back social setting over drinks? Business After Hours is for you. Do you have a specific business issue that you want to be connected to an expert for? Try Business Power Hour. And most importantly, if there’s someone you like to connect with, talk with the NACC staff to kickstart an intentional connection for you and your business.

While you may think joining the Chamber means an endless list of immediate leads, the best connections are made from the genuine curiosity we have about our own industries as well as the industries that others dedicate their lives to. Asking good questions and knowing exactly how you can help the people around you with your own expertise can guarantee success in the Chamber.

Not looking for leads and looking for personal fulfillment as being a part of a thriving business community? We have you covered there too. Our members are the best and will always make you feel important in a room full of executives. As a previous Chamber member, this is what stands out the most to me. Our Young Professionals Network and Women In Business committee provided me a space to find likeminded individuals who were looking for a community to back them.

If you have any questions regarding Chamber networking or your membership in general, email me, Maddie Smith, I’m always happy to help you make the most of your membership with the NACC.

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