General Assembly Fails to Act on BIPA Reforms 

Last month, as the legislature was wrapping up the Spring Session, we were hopeful we would see the General Assembly tackle much-needed BIPA reforms.  For those of you looking for a refresher, BIPA stands for the Biometric Information Privacy Act.  One of the toughest in the nation, this act, designed to protect the individual, has had devastating consequences for businesses found to be in violation. When this happens, it seriously impacts a company’s ability to do business ultimately affecting jobs and our own financial bottom line.   

Many business groups such as the Illinois Chamber and the Illinois Manufacturers Association worked to craft a list of seven areas they believed would go a long way in providing much-needed reforms.  The NACC has consistently weighed in on the issue and urged our area legislators to act.  Unfortunately, the legislature failed to do so this Spring Session. We can now use this as an opportunity to regroup and mobilize.  But, where to start?   

Instead of focusing on all seven points of reform, I believe the focus should shift to a few points and incremental change.  Suggested areas of focus are the following: 

  • Shorten the statute of limitations to one year 
  • Allow the Attorney General to issue advisory opinions regarding an organization’s compliance 
  • Allow organizations the opportunity to take corrective action once noncompliance or potential noncompliance is identified 

The Business Works Committee works hard to stay abreast of critical issues affecting our members. Watch for more on this issue in the months to come.  Right now, we urge our members to contact their elected State Representative and State Senator directly.  Ask questions.  Find out where they stand. Urge them to make a commitment to fixing a law that is detrimental to our business community. 

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