Gratitude is the Word for 2022

Welcome to 2022 Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Members and community. I am thrilled that we get the privilege of entering a new year together. Every year I search for a word that will act as a guidepost for the year ahead. It is a mantra. A single word I can point to, that drives our goals for the year. 

In 2020 that word was intentional. I wanted everything we did to have a specific purpose and for us to be intentional in the way we worked with the business community. In 2021, the word was aware. I wanted us to be aware of everything going on around us, aware of our place and how we can help move Business Forward. In 2022, the word is gratitude. I am so grateful for all of you and your continued membership and your trust in our organization – an organization that is continuing to grow welcoming 193 new Members in 2021.

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce’s impact statement is to be Your Advocate and Your Resource for Our community. We can’t be an effective advocate or resource, without your support, trust, and involvement. Thank you for your continued support and belief. Here at the NACC, we work to bring you quality programs, and information that helps you and your business thrive. We know that each of our members’ stories is, and can continue to be, a story of success – and, we want to contribute to that success story. 

That story is one that is ever-evolving, and more than ever 2022 is challenging us to continue to be flexible and creative. 

While we are grateful for all of you, we also want you to go through the year grateful for us. By that I mean, we want you to be able to lean on us, from leadership development to professional development programs, networking, and more. The NACC has what you need in the way you need it. We are in-person, virtual, and hybrid. I want to meet you where you are at, and fit in where you need us. Thank you for your support as I am truly grateful. I look forward to engaging with you in 2022 and beyond.

Business Foward,


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