Knowledge is Power!

The Member Info Hub offers an abundance of Member-related information and most importantly, an inroad to the annual Business & Community Resource Guide, as well as the online Business Directory, where Members showcase their business’ specifics and provide valuable referral information. When a consumer is looking for a participating Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce business, the Business Directory may be searched by category, name, area, and keyword, and it is up to you, the Member, to ensure these details reflect your business preferences via the Member Info Hub.

Guiding our Members through the Member Info Hub offerings is a core responsibility as Director of Membership with the NACC.  As a refresher, I thought it might be helpful to share some of the knowledge about the Member Info Hub that I have learned in order to help you better position your business within the Business & Community Resource Guide and the Business Directory.

The Member Info Hub is accessible using this link. Once logged in, it is recommended that you input as many details about you and your business as possible under the “My Directory Listing(s)” menu selection on the left-hand side of the landing page.

In order to optimize a search for your business, it is extremely important to fill in all of the sections under the “My Directory Listing(s)” menu option.  This step includes:

  • Filling in the business contact information
  • Up to 12 total keywords separated by commas
  • One Business Category selection from the dropdown menus.

Filling in the physical and mailing address, homepage website URL, phone number, social sites, search description, and description are all helpful, but adding the keywords and making the Business Category selections will further optimize the consumer’s search for your business.  As I recently learned, without these pieces of information, the only way consumers can locate your business via the “Search” feature is to type in your business name, so inputting these additional details, makes it much easier to find you and your business. 

Furthermore, we recently added fields to your Member Info Hub, in order to understand your business and who you are as a business owner more in-depth. We are asking Members to visit the “My Info” section of the Member Info Hub and then click the heading “Related Businesses.”  Within this section are important topics that we would like to know about your business, such as which county you’re located in, if you are a veteran-owned, woman-owned, minority-owned business, and how many full and part-time employees you have. Knowing this data is going to help us tailor our Memberships to our collective Members.  When you have a few extra minutes, please fill in these fields.

Now we both know a little bit more than we did before about the Member Info Hub and directories.

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