Advanced Health of Naperville & The Branch

Dr. Cathy Subber


Dr. Cathy Subber is the mom of two with a passion to build community. She is the owner of Advanced Health of Naperville, a chiropractic and physical therapy clinic that has been serving patients of all ages since 1999. Her practice specializes in a cranial adjustment that Dr. Cathy learned from a doctor from England that helps with nursing/feeding issues, sinus/ear issues, dizziness, headaches, TMJ and more. Her practice has been called The Happy Place to Heal which is evident by the laughter you hear while you are being cared for in her office.

Dr. Cathy is also the Founder of The Branch Moms Community, which was founded as Naperville Moms Network in 2009 and rebranded in 2019, as it expanded into other towns. The Branch is the best place for moms to connect, make new friends and find local resources. Its mission is to make sure that local moms never feel alone in their journey of motherhood. In her free time, Cathy tapes a podcast called Socket ~ Plug Into You!