Mathias Carlbaum

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mathias Carlbaum is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of Navistar International Corporation. He is also a member of the TRATON SE Executive Board.

Most recently, Carlbaum lead the post-merger management of Navistar on behalf of the TRATON GROUP.
Carlbaum has extensive experience in sales and international markets. For the past five years, Carlbaum served as Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations of Scania CV AB based in Södertälje, Sweden. In this role, he was responsible for managing the support functions critical to sales and marketing efficiency.

Carlbaum has held various roles with Scania since he began as a marketing trainee in August 1997. In addition to his time served at Scania in Sweden, Carlbaum worked as Sales and Marketing Director for both Scania Hispania and Scania Latin America. From there, he became Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Scania Latin America, going on to work as Managing Director of Scania Iberica (Spain and Portugal) and Managing Director of Scania do Brasil.

Carlbaum has a Master of Business Administration from Umea University in Sweden.