Naperville Committees & Boards Become More Accessible to All

Naperville is a community that prides itself on community support and volunteerism. The city provides numerous opportunities for residents to become involved including applying for a seat on one of eighteen commissions and boards or one of four task forces. These advisory bodies are essential to the city council and the community as volunteers can communicate needs, leverage expertise, and take part in the decision-making process to improve Naperville. Such a diverse community of residents also allows for different perspectives on issues creating a multi-cultural dynamic to city government. A seat on a city commission or board provides the council with the chance to hear your voice.

This past spring, The League of Women Voters conducted a study to determine the attributes of the application and decision process in forming commissions and boards which was presented to Mayor Wehrli. It was concluded that a more transparent and inclusive program should be considered.

To make the process transparent, equitable, and fair to all interested, Mayor Scott Wehrli worked closely with village staff to review the current committee/board program when it was determined that a formal policy didn’t exist. The result has been shared with interested members of the community through open forums hosted by the mayor.


To assist any incorporated city resident in applying for a commission or board, a helpful and comprehensive guide was created. A link to the guide can be found here. In a nutshell, the guide outlines the various groups, provides descriptions including time commitments, defines expectations for duty on the different commissions, and reminds those interested in the mission to serve the community, not the individual. The guide is easy to use and understand, but questions may arise. Please contact the Mayor’s Office at (630) 548-2983 for assistance.


Additionally, the city’s website provides details concerning the application process. These can be completed online and will be maintained for 18 months. Should you need to update your application prior to the 18-month cut-off, you can do so online. The revisions will also restart the clock on the 18-month hold. Applications are taken on a rolling basis as volunteer circumstances sometimes change and vacancies can occur within the term of the commission/board. Click for more information regarding the application.


Currently, there are 33 vacancies on 14 separate commissions/boards. The Historic Preservation Commission and the Library Board have the highest numbers of vacancies currently. Volunteers chosen to serve will be provided training so that the groups are run consistently and meetings are conducted in a time-effective fashion.

If you would like to be a part of city government via volunteer commissions or boards, now is the time to act! Appointments will be made during the month of September so don’t delay! Don’t hesitate to contact the Mayor’s office with questions at (630) 548-2983, or contact Nadine Scodro at the NACC at (630) 352-0461 or

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