Dr. Laticia S. Thompson

Founder and Chief Legacy Partner

Legacy Blueprint, LLC

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Dr. Laticia (Tish) Thompson is the Founder and Chief Legacy Partner of Legacy Blueprint, LLC. A management consulting firm that teaches people how to play in the sandbox nicely with each other. She is known for driving change in organizations that stick and creating a learning experience that’s fun, thought-provoking and capitalizes on the knowledge in the room. 

Tish has quite the collection of certifications and degrees. Tish holds a Master of Science degree in Management and Organizational Behavior with two concentrations.

She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Business Psychology. 

If you’re into Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability…she can deliver that, too. 

She earned the coveted title of best-selling author for her personal story called, “I Am Not My Hair.” Just the title alone makes you curious. 

To top it off, she was a featured speaker for TEDxNaperville 2020 Conference.

What inspires Tish professionally is working with organizations across industries that understand the power of getting things done through people and have an appetite for building the best organizational culture possible to make it happen. 

She refuels by driving her kids crazy (finally… their turn), working out with people who push her to her limits, and enjoying a glass of red wine…or two with her small but mighty accountability circle. 

Tish is a mother of four, a five-time marathon finisher, and never has a bad hair day. 

Speaking Topics:
  • Effective Communication Strategies: “Building Courage to Confront”
  • Emotional Intelligence: “Knowing Thy Self is Only Half of It”
  • Understanding Personality Types: “Getting to Know You”
  • Performance Management: “No Surprises, Please”
  • Identifying and Optimizing Your Strengths
  • Self-Empowerment: “I Am Not My Hair”

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