The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce and Women in Business are excited to honor Brittany Roback of Inner Courage Counseling as a 2022 Woman of the Quarter. 

Brittany Roback, LCPC, CADC

Woman of the Quarter Q&A

Q: Describe your business and what you do.

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Co-Owner of Inner Courage Counseling. Inner Courage Counseling’s focus is on improving the clinician experience. Our approach to teaching, educating, and mentoring makes it easier for therapists to be successful, provide quality services, stay passionate about their work, and progress in their careers. When clients are paired with excellent therapists, value is added to the overall mental health experience.

Q: What do you love most about your work?

I love supporting staff and clients in their journeys toward discovering their best selves. I always joke that I am a “Geese Goose”, otherwise known as a People Person! I feel energized by hearing others’ stories, dreams, and passions and helping to support them in the direction they would like to go in their personal and professional lives. Being able to engage with clients and staff at some of their most vulnerable moments is a feeling like no other.

Q: What led you down your career path?

Being stable support, which I did not have from a young age, is what led me down this career path. Growing up in a family with some unhealthy dynamics led me to see firsthand the importance of having healthy guidance and a safe space to express yourself. I went into specializing in the mental health of children and adolescents to help guide youth in having a voice to advocate for themselves and support parents’ efforts to be a safe space for their children. I have observed the need for advocacy and support within the clinical setting through my direct counseling work, the professional setting of being a female business owner, and the stigmatization in the overarching mental health field. This has led to my dedication to the mental health field, my clients, and my staff.

Q: What advice do you have for other women in business?

Just because something is the “norm” doesn’t mean it has to be. Don’t let fear hold you back from trying something new and breaking the mold.

Q: Name someone in your life who inspires you and tell us why.

I would have to say this person is my husband, Joey. He has never said no to any dream I have had. We have been together since I was 15 years old, so he has been there for almost all of my self-exploration. When others doubted my choices or abilities, he doubled down on investing in me. He has encouraged me no matter what and helped me to see my own value as a leader, a woman, and a business owner. His unconditional support has led me to find others that are “my people”, and he continues to provide the same unwavering support, instilling the ambition in me to keep propelling me forward.

Q: What other passions and hobbies do you have?

I love humor. Those that know me, know that I can’t have a conversation without making some type of joke, pun, or movie quote reference. Life is too short to be serious all the time, and I love a good giggle. I love traveling and experiencing new things with my 3 kids and husband. Seeing the world through their eyes has been such an adventure, and it has made every experience like I’m living it for the first time.

I am also a reality TV and crime series junkie. I can’t get enough.

Q: Aside from the Chamber, how do you stay connected within the Naperville community?

Naperville has so much to enjoy personally and professionally. When I am not attending one of the many wonderful Naperville Chamber Events, I love spending time in the area with my family by attending family-friendly community events or indulging in the many wonderful restaurants or museums. We like to treat our Inner Courage family by supporting local restaurants for in-office treats or to celebrate important milestones.

The Naperville Chamber of Commerce has an endless supply of resources and friendly relationships that help us to stay connected to the Naperville Community.

Woman of the Quarter Bio

Brittany Roback earned her Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in children and adolescents from Lewis University in 2013. She went on to obtain her Certification in Alcohol and Other Drug Counseling (CADC) in 2014 and completed the highest level of clinical licensure in Illinois in April 2016 when she became a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). Brittany and her co-owner took the courageous leap in June 2019 and opened Inner Courage Counseling, PLLC. Inner Courage Counseling employed a staff of 4 therapists upon its opening and has grown to currently include 18 therapists, 2 administrative staff, 8 interns, and 3 supervisors/consultants.

Prior to business ownership, Brittany worked as a clinical therapist, supervisor to staff and interns, and was a member of the executive board at another local counseling practice. At this practice, she created and implemented a Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (DASA) state-approved program. She also provided counseling services to students within their school environment in the Bolingbrook School District 365U and through a not-for-profit agency servicing the Aurora school Districts 129 and 131.

In addition, Brittany Roback has given back to the community of mental health and young learners through her participation in the INCubator program at Naperville Central High school and Downers Grove North High School. She has been a professional speaker at Aurora University and Lewis University on multiple occasions to speak on professional topics as well as provided mental health education training to teachers from District 202. She has been a member of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce since 2019. She was a member of the NACC Leads team from January 2020 until July 2022. She currently serves as a member of the NACC DEI Committee and has been appointed chair of the programming subcommittee, effective 2023.

Brittany Roback, LCPC, CADC

Co-Owner of Inner Courage Counseling

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